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About us

Our company “International Cooperation of Shipbrokers Aps”, which during day to day business will be using the name “IC Shipbrokers” as our brand name, was incorporated in Denmark on the 18th December 2017 and established with the aim to invite and engage shipbrokers located around the world to use the latest technology and software to cooperate and interact globally via our innovative cloud based platform, and to provide a professional ship brokerage service across all major commercial shipping sectors internationally. Whilst having the registered office in Denmark we want to be represented by our shipbrokers in all of the major shipping centres around the world, thereby establishing very close working relationships with our customers locally. Being locally represented enables us to better understand the specific needs and preferences of our local clients, whilst simultaneously being able to share our views, interpretation of international trends and developments plus provide our company analysis for giving an appropriate and precise shipbroking service required for the specific needs of each of our clients. With the cloud based setup of our company we want to develop the relationships between our local brokers and our local clients across the world, and by having our brokers working for us internationally we are founded on local knowledge, knowing the local culture, giving our clients local trust and most importantly we also speak the local language. Since 1st April 2018 we are online and until this day working exactly this successful way.


For your information the company is fully independent and is mutually owned by Svane Shipping A/S ( and Neslo Group ApS ( both being family owned Danish shipping companies.

Our philosophy and conduct of work can be described as follows:
The needs of all our clients always to come first.
Our shipbroking service to be smart, intelligent, dynamic, innovative but also full of quality and add value for all of our clients.
We solely work on a “no cure, no pay” basis.
Regardless of cargo or vessel size and location we always work with full dedication and professionalism.
Our team of brokers representing IC Shipbrokers will be fully reliable, honest and trustworthy and will prove our shipbroking expertise and knowledge.
We shall show our enthusiasm for the work and the brokers shall aim to be “always available”, responsive and give prompt feedback on any enquiry our clients may have.
Our employees always to be open for new ideas and be creative in the continuously changing shipping market.
We want to be a global attractive and a leading company for both our employees and for our clients.