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Our Services

IC Shipbrokers aim to offer all our international clients a top professional shipbroking service covering for example the following:

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Coastal and specialized dry cargo chartering
Deep sea dry cargo
Tanker chartering
Offshore broking
Ship Sale and Purchase
Commercial Ship Management

At IC Shipbrokers we want to constantly provide our global clients and partners with new ideas and visions including creating openings to expand their business and increase transportation opportunities, either by finding employment for their vessel or fleet of vessels, moving their cargoes or goods, as well as working together to develop new exiting trading opportunities and markets. We are looking forward to serve you with any kind of shipbroking needs you may have in the future and to receive your feedback.

Coastal and specialized dry cargo chartering

Our coastal and specialized dry cargo department has extensive experience in chartering of coasters, multipurpose, heavy-lift and Ro-Ro tonnage and working with both full or part cargoes, from the smallest size of about 1000 mt DWAT up to sizes of around 15000 mt DWAT. Our activities in this department are too vast to describe in detail but our brokers are basically working various kind of tonnage and cargoes for the following types:

  • Coasters either geared or gearless
  • Container feeder tonnage either geared or gearless
  • Reefer tonnage
  • Geared Multipurpose (MPP) tonnage
  • Heavy-lift (H/L) tonnage both conventional and semi-submersible
  • Classic Ro-Ro vessels
  • Roll-on Lift-off (Ro-Lo) vessels
  • Ro-Con/Con-Ro and Ro-Pax tonnage
  • Car Carrier vessels – both Pure Car Carriers (PCC) and Pure Car
  • Truck Carriers (PCTC)

Our global network of shipbrokers are there to service the sector’s shipowners tonnage operators, liner companies, commodity trading houses, construction companies, oil companies, and freight forwarders in every time zone. For any such chartering needs of above mentioned tonnage please kindly contact us at and we will revert to you accordingly with our professional feedback.

Deep sea dry cargo chartering

Our company is able to offer all our international clients a full comprehensive deep sea dry cargo shipbroking service in the sizes of:

  • Handysize bulk carriers
  • Handymax bulk carriers
  • Supramax bulk carriers
  • Ultramax bulk carriers
  • Panamax bulk carriers
  • Kamsarmax bulk carriers
  • Post-Panamax bulk carriers
  • Capesize bulk carriers

Our work in this department is based on a long term commitment towards our clients and the global industry. We are fixing vessels on short or long-term time charter, on voyage basis or on Contract of Affreightment (COA). Main commodities fixed are grain, steel, coal, iron ore, scrap, fertilizer, minerals, various special ore, salt, sugar, rice, wood pellets, wood chips, wood and wood logs, aggregates, limestone but also many more bulk commodities. IC Shipbrokers is strongly committed to all we do and we will do our best to meet expectations of each client, and our vision is to offer optimum trustful service to all our global customers and provide value added shipbroking service no matter your location and transportation requirements. For any deep sea chartering needs or requests you may have, please kindly contact us at or and our brokers will revert to you accordingly.

Tanker chartering

Our tanker department are covering business with clients like oil companies, trading companies, shipowners and tanker operators with spot chartering of full cargoes or smaller parcels, COA (Contract of Affreightment), time-charters and projects with the following kind of tonnage:

  • Chemical tankers
  • LNG or LPG tankers
  • Small and General Purpose tankers for various type of cargoes
  • Medium Range 1 (MR1) product tankers
  • Medium Range 2 (MR2) product or crude tankers
  • Panamax (PMAX) product or crude tankers
  • Suezmax (SUEZ) product or crude tankers
  • Aframax (AFRA) product or crude tankers
  • Long Range 1 (LR1) product or crude tankers
  • Long Range 2 (LR2) product or crude tankers
  • Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) oil tankers
  • Ultra Large Crude Carrier (ULCC) oil tankers

We are able to arrange the carriage of crude oil, clean and dirty petroleum products, pure chemicals, biofuels, bitumen, acids, vegetable oils (such as palm oils), molasses, lubricating oils, liquid fertilizers, petrochemical liquids like methanol, gases and even wine in all sizes on coastal and also on deep-sea routes globally for every major trade lane. Please feel free to contact us at for all your tanker chartering needs you may have and our brokers will revert to you accordingly.

Offshore broking

The Offshore broking department of IC Shipbrokers is specializing in vessels used in the offshore renewable energy, oil and gas, marine construction and subsea industries. We offer spot, medium to long term chartering services of the following kind of tonnage:

  • Accommodation (Flotel) vessels
  • Anchor-Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels
  • Barges
  • Cable-laying vessels
  • Construction Vessels
  • Diving vessels
  • Dredging vessels
  • Guard vessels
  • Jack-up´s Construction vessels
  • Offshore crew transfer vessels
  • Platform Supply (PSV) vessels
  • Research vessels
  • ROV and diving support vessels
  • Seismic vessels
  • Standby & Emergency Response vessels
  • Subsea Construction or IMR vessels
  • Supply vessels
  • Survey vessels
  • Tugs (harbour & deep sea)
  • Walk to Work (W2W) vessels
  • Wind Farm Installation / Support vessels
  • Wind Farm crew transfer vessels
  • Wind Service Operation (SOV) vessels

IC Shipbrokers aim to provide a complete range of brokering services to our worldwide clients within the offshore sector, such as oil companies, offshore vessel owners, offshore contractors, construction companies, maritime authorities around the world, port authorities, shipyards, banks and financial institutions etc. with the sole goal of full client satisfaction. We constantly aim to add value to our clients, so please contact us at for all your offshore requirements you may have and our specialized broking team will revert to you accordingly.

Ship Sale and Purchase

In a continuously changing shipping market, we shall offer an optimum service to our customers and provide value added performance in our Sale and Purchase department by always sourcing the perfect Sale and Purchase candidate or newbuilding opportunity to our clients and accompanying each of our clients throughout the entire Sale and Purchase process. This goes from the initial market research and in depth market analysis, to the finding and the identification and choice of the vessel in question, to the eventual following negotiation and contract signing up to completion of the final delivery transaction. We are working with longtime shipowners or newcomers to ship owning business, private clients or investors, national shipping companies or liner companies, major trading corporates, oil companies or traders, grain trading houses, international banks and also institutional investors who want to expand their fleet or who simply want to sell a vessel, and no matter if considering a newbuilding or a secondhand type of vessel or to recycle tonnage we are able trustfully to assist you. We are basically able to handle the entire Sale and Purchase process for any floating object or tonnage, so please contact us at for all your Ship Sale and Purchase, ship demolition or ship valuation requirements you may have and our broking team will revert to you.

Commercial Ship Management

The shareholders of the company have a vast experience in commercial management of various sizes and types of dry cargo tonnage, and therefore we are able to assist shipowners, investors or financial institutions with full commercial management of their tonnage. Therefore, if you are working on a project concerning purchase of dry cargo tonnage we are there to assist not only with our experienced sale- and purchase department to find the needed tonnage but also commercially to offer our service to you. Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us on for any quotes or backing on your future shipping investment project.